Dan Rugh // Commonwealth Press

Dan Rugh is down-right one of the raddest dudes I've met in Pittsburgh. As the founder and manager of Commonwealth Press based in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Dan operates both a storefront on the bustling East Carson Street as well as a large warehouse workshop off of 24th Street. As a former student of printmaking, I feel deeply in love with the warehouse workshop space. From the intoxicating smell of ink to the built-in skateboard ramp, the space is a balanced blend of hard work and play that only a passionate group of productive and creative people can build. Dan showed me around the space and evidence of Commonwealth's continued growth is seen throughout the space but is most evident in the size of their newer conveyer dryer which cures newly printed shirts faster.

When you create great work, support other people also making awesome art, and work as hard as the Commonwealth crew does, it's no surprise that they continue to grow and branch out into new projects which include both the Beer Barge and Commonwealth Press Ale. One peek at the sponsors of the Beer Barge event or at the little documentary about brewing CWP Ale and it's clear that Commonwealth one part of a larger community of small business owners who make cool shit happen in our fair city. 

Enjoy out chat!

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