Jordan Taylor & Joe Kennedy // Tracksploitation

Jordan "DJ JCT45" Taylor

Joe "Professor ASAP" Kennedy

Jordan Taylor, (DJ JCT45) and Joe Kennedy, (Professor ASAP) are the two musical powerhouses behind Tracksploitation, a Pittsburgh based DJ performance duo. They are also the biggest music buffs with which I have ever had the chance to speak. I got to sit down and talk with them about the birth of their partnership and the drive and focus it takes to build a successful music collaboration. Just watching them talk together, it's obvious that they are very much in tune with one another and are natural partners. Together, these guys have seen and done some pretty amazing things, including bringing their sound to the streets of Austin, Texas by building their own traveling DJ booth. (!!!)

It's hard not to be super motivated by their energy and charisma. As Jordan says a few times in this chat, it's important to go after what you love, especially if you can't stop thinking about anything else. 

Check them out at 720 Records, this Friday, May 16th for the debut of their new mixtape: THE ILLEST TRAJECTORY. (details in the link!)

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