Maura Jacob and Bengt Alexsander // Action Camp

Action Camp by their own admission are "doom pop / art rock / electo" but I dislike using labels when taking about music. Maybe because I'm terrible at talking about it in the way which most people prefer. Usually a band is compared to many others—a faux family tree created to explain what the artists are creating. Instead, I'm going to describe Action Camp by what images they create in my head and how I feel emotionally connected to it.*

I'll start by saying that Hunger is probably my favorite tune on this record. Maura's voice ranges from being small and boxed in and grows to become a piercing beacon of light cutting through a powerful and haunting arraignment. I took Hunger to be a less literal need for food and instead a yearning to be seen. The song begins in what feels like a wide open and dark landscape and hits it's zenith as a bright light in a damp and echoey cave. While writing this description I decided just to grab the nearest bit of paper and a pen and quickly sketch out what I'm talking about. I took the drawing and soaked it in water and have it below for your eye balls.

Enjoy this chat with Action Camp. They are delightful and funny people who make beautiful music that you should support.

They have a show tonight, at Mr. Small's in Millvale that's free. Even if you can't make it, be sure to buy their album right now!

Action Camp on the Internet

*I should go back and do this for all the other bands I've chatted with as well. Putting it on the lis of things to do this summer!