Becki Hollen & Chris Bencivenga // Everyday Balloons

Screen printing culture is thriving in Pittsburgh. I've talked to a few printers in the past few months, (including Dan Rugh: Commonwealth Press, Amy Garbark: Garbella, and Dave Kaule: Troika Skate and Project 50/50) and have now had the great pleasure of sitting down with Everyday Balloons!

Becki and Chris are a warm and down to earth couple with wonderful chemistry that comes across in their prolific portfolio. Before meeting Becki and Chris, I was familiar with their work after discovering it on Facebook. For those in the arts that are shy about using social media to get your work out there, please take a page out of their book. Becki posts quick snaps from the studio, close ups of work in progress, and updates about where they will be exhibiting, and maybe it's because their work is just so damn adorable and fun that I didn't hesitate to click the 'like' button. Having a window into their process also encouraged me to support their work when I came across it at Handmade Arcade a few months later. What I'm saying is that social media (when done well) really works and it's worth investing your time, creatives!

When we sat down for this chat I think all three of us were a little tired after long work days and so we just had fun and shot the shit.  It was a real pleasure to hang out and see the studio where the magic is made!


Everyday Ballons on the Internet

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