Olivia Barr // Visual Artist & Maker

In the past, I've spent very little time in Brooklyn. Not for any reason other than I had no objective to fulfill in that part of New York. It was exciting to connect with Olivia Barr and check out NYC Resistor, (a maker space on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn) and it was a real pleasure to wander around Brooklyn that weekend. During our chat a real storm was brewing outside with incredibly high winds that might get picked up by the mic but it only adds to the atmosphere!

Olivia is an artist who found a space that offered her the tools she needed to complete a project. What she also discovered was a creative and supportive environment to expand her art practice and a space to teach other people new to maker culture. I learned about this, her Not-A-Camera project, and much more during this engaging chat. 

Thanks to Olivia and all the makers at NYC Resistor for letting us wander around their amazing space and a very spacial thank you to Matthew Buchholtz (@althistories) for getting Olivia and I in touch!

Note: If you are able, go buy the Not-A-Camera! It's only $150 and is seriously on of the coolest things I've ever gotten to see!

Olivia Barr on the Internet