Jessica Underwood // Actress

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Very rarely, I find myself in a "perfect room". This is referring to the acoustics of a room that I am recording in and I found my second perfect room in the administrative offices of the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, (the first was Everyday Balloons' studio space—fucking unreal/amazing). My kid brother and I set everything up and did a mic check while waiting for Jessica and I was blown away at how great everything sounded. It was a great comfort after a very long but fruitful day of traveling across New York City.

Jessica Underwood is a professional actress as well as an educational assistant at the Tenement Museum—working with the performers to educate visitors on the real life stories of the residents who once lived in the apartments that the museum currently occupies. She was in the middle of a hectic workday when we sat down to talk and was extremely generous with her time! We discussed growing up in New York City, studying the craft of acting, her band Orphan Jane, and what it means to be an artist in New York. She also goes into the history of the Tenement Museum with which I was completely unfamiliar before sitting down with her and am now very much obsessed with learning more about. 

Enjoy and make sure to check out her links below, Orphan Jane's got some shows coming up soon so if you're in NYC be sure to check them out!

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