Joshua Young // Poet, Teacher

Note: For the record, writing a post about a writer can be daunting. Keep your judgey-judgey to yourself!

This post is as much about Joshua Young as it is about the importance of travel. When we move around the country, (this one or any other—take your pic), we put distance between ourselves our beginnings in order to build new parts of our lives—even if it's just for a few days. At the same time, we represent where we are from in a very general way.

"I'm from Pittsburgh, but originally from Southern Virginia—yeah I'm a Steelers fan. You gotta be!" "Do you know where Virginia Beach is? No? Well, a lot of people don't, but I'm from near there. It's pretty but not very exciting..." 

My travel to Chicago was related to business. I attended PePcon, (a conference for print and online publishing professionals) and learned more than I thought was possible about the tools to create exciting work and see into the future of publishing.  The evening before however, I was able to sit down with Joshua Young after seeing him and four other poets perform at the best reading I have ever attended. The Dollhouse is an apartment where the first floor has been converted into a performance space for local poets to not only share their work but sell it—a LOT of it.

The evening was outstanding and inspirational on several levels and we get into everything in the recorded chat. The real take away here is between my brief time with Joshua and the conference, I came back from Chicago with different parts of me replaced with better pieces. I came back feeling like my creative career has never been more bright and realizing more than ever how life takes me in myriad directions but as long as I keep learning and gathering tools to do what I do better, then I can't totally fuck it up.

Below are images from the reading with Joshua, including pictures of books that are mandatory for everyone to purchase, and a bunch from my walking about Chicago. I'll be updating this page a little bit throughout today, (June 20th, 2014) with more information as I find it, (there's a lot of googling to do and I do everything at the last minute). It's important though for you dearest reader/listeners to connect with Joshua and the other authors listed below.

Book trailer for Peter Davis' Tina find more at his website