June @ the AP Collection

June was a busy month for all of us and that's no different here at The AP Collection. Jennifer Huang, the new intern, has begun working hard on recording and posting chats to the site; I am  working in my own studio on a show that's coming up on July 25th (7PM-9PM) at 720 Records (4405 Butler Street); and there are a few less promotable things happening below the surface that will hopefully yield some amazing results down the time.

With all this happening this is the first time that I'm gonna pull the trigger and say, "I need a break!" Not a long one—just a week to get some things situated and start fresh. The AP Collection twitter feed, my personal Twitter feed, and the Instagram page will still be overflowing with updates and regular posts will continue the first week of July. Repeat: New chats are posting the first week of July!

Normally I would be too freaked out to put the project on pause. I've never done it since it began in 2012 because I felt that it would interrupt my work flow and stall out the project. At this point though, it's now a matter of self-care and a conscious decision to concentrate on other projects in order get my ducks in a row. I mean, it's only a week!

See y'all the week of June 30th (first week of July!)