Jenny Chan // Photographer, 100 Happy Days

This is the first post from AP Collection intern Jennifer Huang!

Jenny Chan is a photographer and blogger, who embarked on the 100 Happy Days project just to see if she could stick with it and wound up learning a lot about herself and what happiness really means. After her 100 Happy Days, she was inspired to do another project, which she named the 100 Vaguely Existential Days, in hopes that it would help her tap into her "darker" side and provide an outlet for deeper reflection. In the talk, we discuss her artistic journey and photographic process, relationships and life changes, and her recent move to San Francisco. The talk ended up being a bit emotional and philosophical, touching upon the subject of what it means to be happy or sad and the ability to appreciate happiness but also enjoying the sadness. Overall, it's about the roller coaster that is life.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on my first interview, and had a great time meeting our guest, Jenny Chan, and the photographer Jerome Charles, (who took many great images you can see below). I ended up taking thorough notes during the interview and hope that in future to multitask better and participate in the conversation some more.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the chat. You can find all of her projects and photos on Facebook. Look her up, and maybe she'll friend you!

Jenny Chan on the Internet

Photos provided and taken by Jerome Charles.