Ray Whitehouse // American Baseball Journal

Ray Whitehouse in the field (photo by Sean Proctor)

Ray Whitehouse was generous enough with his time to come through and visit with the AP Collection before marking off one more milestone for his project, the American Baseball Journal. That milestone is the Pirates tomorrow and we are hoping, praying even, that a rain delay doesn't keep him for getting to his next destination.

The ABJ is his one man journey to document one game at each Major League Baseball stadium across the United States and Canada. He has only from May to August of 2014 and his dedication is palpable but isn't just about a true love for the game. He is also raising money for charity. One that he in fact, benefited from as a young teen. The prints and possible book stemming from this project will have all proceeds benefitting the MLB's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Scholarship fund, (RBI as we refer to it in the chat).

Click here to learn more about RBI and the Scholarship fund and click here to support Ray.

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