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Chris Goodman // ...ographer

Chris Goodman is an "ographer" because he just does so many things that he can't choose one category that defines him. Chris is a videographer, photographer, interviewer, writer, and the list goes on. During the chat, Chris speaks about his diligent artistic practice, his beginnings in photography and interviewing, and his participation in a number of projects, such as the documentary, Tracing Outlines. You can hear from some of his experiences that he's done some awesome things in and around Pittsburgh. He is currently making a transition in life that is dedicated to freelancing and furthering his art practice, so make sure you check out his work in the links below. He took great pictures of Genevieve and I, and the rest of his work is stunning, as well. 

I got some great tips and insight on creativity and the creative process just from listening to this interview, so I hope you do, too. The interview was held outside because the weather was so gorgeous, so you might hear some wind or dogs or cars, but it just adds to the ambience. 

Chris Goodman on the Internet

Photos provided and taken by Chris Goodman.