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Essential Machine // Musicians

Hello, this is Jennifer and this is a chat with Essential Machine, a band based locally out of Greensburg, PA. We talked to them shortly after their new album, Underneath the Earth, was released. Essential Machine started with the husband and wife pair RJ and Karen Dietrich, and soon included their their son, RobyJ, and Matthew Kilroy. As well as covering the basics—such as the beginning of the band, the conception of the name "Essential Machine," and touring—the group also talked about musical genres and demystified the process of songwriting as "unearthing music" and being able to trust collaborators. There is a sense of harmony that can be heard from their music, and this harmony is clear just by seeing and hearing the band interact with one another.

Essential Machine will be featured on Third Thursdays at WYEP at the WYEP Community Broadcast Center on July 17, and we are going to be there! Doors open at 6:30 PM and there will be free beer from Rivertowne Brewing. 

Essential Machine on the Internet

The images above were taken and provided by Chris Goodman.