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Ryan Keene // Visual Artist

Ryan Keene is a visual artist based in Bloomfield, whose work deals with themes of loss, especially the loss of innocence. In this chat, he speaks candidly about his own childhood experiences that prompted him to create a body of work that reflects upon this topic. In the past he has shown his work for Alloy Pittsburgh for the Carrie Furnace project

Ryan made a well-crafted and beautiful wood object, etched with characters that frequent his narrative--wolves and children. He gave this object to Genevieve, and I had the pleasure of playing around with it, slowly unfolding its stories. Along with talking about his body of work in this interview, Ryan also talks about his roots in Boston and Maine as well as his artistic process and growth.

Make sure you check out his work at his website, and follow him on Twitter!

— Jennifer Huang, the AP Collection Intern

Ryan Keene on the Internet

Photos provided by Ryan Keene.