The AP Collection After Dark // Matt Gondek & Brian Gonnella #BigBangPGH

Hello! It's Jennifer here a great session of a new feature called—The AP Collection After Dark! Tonight, Jerome Charles joins us as we talk about the past week in Pittsburgh, including a discussion about the Port Authority and a chair made of woven ties. We wrap with chat about  photography and painting projects that are up and coming in the very near future. If you like death and fairy tales—you'll enjoy this. If you want to audition as a model for the paintings that Genevieve mentioned in the chat click here.

After tAPCAD, there is a chat with Matt Gondek and Brian Gonnella. These two artists are collaborating on a show at The Shop on Main Street, which opens August 1st with collaborative work that pushes your pop culture buttons and happens to be trippy as shit. Each have their own long for interview on the AP Collection before, and you can find links to their chats below. You can also find updates on their show and collaborative work at #BigBangPGH. Note: We recording this chat outside so deal with some environmental noise!