Models & Their Stories Needed for a New Series of Paintings

Update 7/18/14

The Hunter, Red Riding Hood, and The Wolf have been filled! Now I just need a Grandma. There is no easy way to say that...

Thank you for your interest!

All the info is below but if you have any questions please email me!  I can also be reached by phone, (text or call) 757-553-2660

I realize this notice might sound a little stuffy but it’s very important to me to be clear about the expectations of this project and find four people who are excited but professional to participate. Please ask questions—this work will only succeed based on the model’s input. If something is unclear or vague please feel free to ask and let’s talk!

A little background about my work: I am interested in personal versus group perspectives. The comparison between how we each feel about ourselves to what we think others see in us can create both pathways and barriers that have a ripple effect in our communities and larger societies. So far, I have focused mainly on my own inner dialogue and projections about the outside world. The next series of paintings will delve into societal interpretations of well known stories that have played a part in defining gender roles that are still considered "main stream" today. Check out the galleries page on this site for images of my work or follow me on Instagram for more up-to-date work. 

Red Riding Hood Series

The first tale I’d like to focus on is Little Red Riding Hood. The goal: To explore the traditional fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood by redefining the symbolism of the iconic characters with contemporary story lines provided by models who will sit for a particular character. Use of the person’s name, (legal, stage, or pen name, or even a preferred alias are good) and title, (whether that be their occupation or a self-given title) will be used to reframe the traditional character. Think about this carefully. It is important that your story shine through as it will undoubtably contrast with the 'role' you choose.


Only the face and shoulders of the model will be used in the painting so no costume or props will be necessary to sit. Reference images will also be taken after the sitting. All models will be fully clothed during the drawing sessions but never the less, only 18+ models will be accepted and proof of age will be required. I will draft a release to be signed as well. It's standard procedure!

The Roles

Red Riding Hood: looking for a person, (male or female identified), 18 years of age or older, who can sit still for longer than 30 minutes while being sketched.(This has been cast)

Wolf: looking for a person (male or female identified), 18 years of age or older, who can sit still for longer than 30 minutes while being sketched. (This has been cast)

Grandmother: looking for a male identified adult, 18 years of age or older, who can sit still for at least 30 minutes while he is sketched.

Hunter: Looking for a female identified adult, 18 years of age or older, who can sit for at least 30 minutes while she is being sketched.(This has been cast)


I prefer to work out of my studio in Upper Lawrencebville however, it is not ADA accessible. If this is a concern I am more than willing and able to meet at an accessible location of the model’s choosing.


Will be discussed before you decide to model.

Thanks for checking this out!

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