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John Arrigo-Nelson // Composer

Hello all!

This is Jennifer with a chat for the AP Collection with composer and Alia Musica member, John Arrigo-Nelson. John was delighted to talk about his music, which he describes as including more than one mood or personality. When composing with different instruments, he takes on the role of mediator, finding the similarities between the instruments to "make peace" with the different sounds. Listening to the chat, John has a way with talking about music and composing, usually using visual comparisons, that makes the medium and genre understandable and relatable. He even describes one of his pieces as trying to imitate phosphene, (the process of closing your eyes and still seeing the faint outline of light).

Along with all of the music talk, there are some interesting tangents that go from traveling to blood to biology to WTF with Marc Maron--all in all, a VERY diverse, fun, and informative chat!

John Arrigo-Nelson on the Internet