Quick chat w Sam Thorp // graphicanatomy.com

Every month, the Lawrenceville bar and restaurant, Remedy (5152 Butler Street) showcases a new artist on it's wall. Beginning August 1st, it will be local painter Sam Thorp showcasing her latest work in a show titled called US vs THEM. I had the chance to sit down with Sam to chat about her show, about some of her "racier" work, and got a backstage look at some of her early concept drawings for US vs THEM. 

I quickly got the sense that each piece in this show sparks conversation about what it means to other and be othered. We focus in on one piece in particular with a solitary blue figure wearing a crown and defiantly applying makeup all while successfully ignoring a rampage happening on every side of her. Sam points out the person is male and in drag and we begin discussing the politics and preferences of pronouns. Each piece has a conversation like this within it but no answers—and Sam isn't about to dole out any either. It's about the viewers perspective. 

US v THEM will be up on the walls of Remedy starting Friday, August 1st and goes through until the end of the month. Be sure to stop by and check out Sam's always outstanding work—hopefully the pictures of her concept drawings will tide you over until Friday!

Sam Thorp on the Internet

Concept Drawing for US vs THEM