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Marcel Walker & Wayne Wise // Chutz-Pow!

Hello! This is Jennifer and this is a chat with Marcel Walker and Wayne Wise, two of the five artists of Chutz Pow!, a comic created in collaboration with the Toonseum and the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. Chutz Pow!, besides being an awesome pun, is a powerful, emotional, and educational collection of visual stories from Holocaust survivors, or "superheroes," as the comic dubs them. The chat we had with these two was amazing and filled with a ton of emotions. Besides chatting about their backgrounds and how the two met, they gave us some insight on the process of creating a comic and some of the work that went into this particular one. They also did not hesitate to tell a few compelling stories of the Holocaust superheroes featured in the comic. As well as some heavy, but inspiring, content, we also go on a few fun tangents on names and Pittsburgh, but we never failed to bring it back to topic.

Chutz Pow! is having a Comic Launch Party at the Toonseum Thursday, August 14 from 8-11 PM. It will be a fun event and ya'll should go out and support the Toonseum, the Holocaust Center, and these artists, who are all doing a great thing in honoring these survivors and fighters.

Marcel and Wayne on the Internet

Below are some pictures from the chat and some a preview of Chutz Pow!