July @ the AP Collection

July has brought some brilliant conversation and some positive changes to the project.

Below, as per usual, you'll find recordings with various folks doing creative and exciting things in the City of Pittsburgh. Toby Greenwalt from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, John Arrigo-Nelson a composer and member of Alia Musica Pittsburgh, blogger @AlexanderFIV from everybodylovesyou.net, John Mahood, owner of Imagebox, and more have shared a ton of wisdom that's both enlightening and entertaining.

We've started recording 10-15 minute chats with friends and artists about things around Pittsburgh including shows and events that people want to promote and are tacking them on as the intros before the Thursday conversations. Jerome called it, "the AP Collection After Dark aka tAPCAD"  and this is the title that we are running with for now.

That leads in nicely to the next order of business. The AP Collection is now a "We"! With Jennifer returning back to school in a couple weeks, Tim Goodier will be coming on to the project to assist with recordings and post. He is not a student so he'll be able to commit for the foreseeable future as a partner on the website.

July also brought around an opportunity to record at the Carnegie Library's branch for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The first appointment to record there will be the 22nd of August so stayed tuned to the @APcollector Twitter feed for updates. Tim and I toured the outstanding facilities there and we're very excited about the possibility to record there!

If you're an artist that wants to promote something before a Thursday chat, email me or tweet at me. (theapcollection@gmail.com // @apcollector)