theAPCAfterDark // Dave Watt, Visual Artist

Before you send nasty messages about it I will come clean:

(1) Deal with the fact that the mic check was integrated into the chat

(2) Cats are a part of my life

(3) The first round of my chat with Dave Watt got lost due to the fact that GarageBand is particular about how the file is saved. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise because the second round was way more relaxed and we both had a >much< better time. We knew each other a little better and a flow to our banter was found. In fact, I might reschedule my chats to include the updates and AP Collection After Dark talk so that the person I talk to is there when it's recorded. 

Enought with the numbering of things

As a matter of fact I am heartbroken that the mic got turned off because the conversation afterwards was worth throwing out into the Internet as well—you will have to live knowing that you will never hear it.

Enjoy what you get.

Dave Watt on the Internet