theAPCAfterDark—Chuck Cramer // House of the Dead

Chuck Cramer is one of the owners of House of the Dead, an everything-zombie related store on the corner of Main Street and Butler Street in Lawrenceville. House of the Dead is a home to many unique items, from zombie t-shirts to zombie Barbies and stuffed animals to zombie make up – whatever you can think of, they have to help you scratch your zombie itch. In this chat, Chuck talks about the inception of the store as well as some interesting zombie experiences he has had, such as being a zombie extra in the film Meltdown. He also had no fear answering some controversial zombie questions and gave us the low down on zombie and horror movies.

This was a super fun chat, and if you love anything zombie or pop culture, you will love this. Make sure to stop by House of the Dead if you are ever in Lawrenceville – it is definitely a sight to see!

– Jennifer Huang

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