Myron Tomb // Art Collector

Myron Tomb is an art collector, who stages his collection of beautiful paintings and sculptures in his home in Indiana, PA. He was so gracious to give us a full tour of his home, his art collection, and basement wine cellar, making sure to take his time to showcase the beauty behind each piece. From childhood, Myron has always been fascinated by paintings and from this love, he started to collect and support local Pittsburgh artists out of instinct and impulse. His collection of art and wine is diverse and the stories behind each are even more intriguing. Along with the stories he told of his collection, he was eager to tell us the history of his home and to give some insight into his philosophy on painting and collecting. His passion for art and collecting clearly comes through the careful curation of his home and his close relationships to the works (as well as the artists of those works) that fill his wonderful abode.

— Jennifer Huang

Watch a video of the visit!

photo credit, Jerome Charles