August @ the AP Collection

You spend August in full-blown summer mode while already lamenting the beginning of fall and dreading the impending blow of winter. It's a time of transition and as school starts up again, whether you're directly affiliated or not, it's certainly a point to reflect and reassess. 

No difference for the AP Collection, which took a look back on an entire life's collection of art (now with video!) and offered a bit of a taste of the season to come with a visit to a zombie wonderland. August had plenty to offer to stimulate our present as Genevieve's art show came to a close and a chat with a reporter shed light on the ride share progress in Pittsburgh. Of course, there was your recommended dose of creatives giving their thoughts, views, and stories which are worth checking out. 

Now on to September, with more art, more shows, more chats, and more hoodies. 

If you're an artist that wants to promote something before a Thursday chat, email or tweet. ( // @apcollector)