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Toby Greenwalt // Director of Digital Strategy and Technology Implementation

Toby Greenwalt is the Director of Digital Strategy and Technology Implementation at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. His title is long, so in short, he strives to use the virtual environment to create "connective tissues" and new dialogues, which will help strengthen the Pittsburgh community with opportunities for more collaboration. With Toby's  diverse background (growing up in Albuquerque, going to school at Knox College, moving to Chicago, and recently settling in Pittsburgh with his family), he was eager to talk about his time in Pittsburgh so far as well as give us a sneak peek of what is to come at the Carnegie Libraries. Along with the more serious side of his job, he also excitedly mentioned some fun and weird things he would love to do. His passion was palpable and sure to make you excited for what is to come at a Carnegie Library near you!

— Jennifer Huang, Intern for the AP Collection

Toby on the Internet

Photo from Toby's Twitter profile