Unleashed! Artists Fund // Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

On October 2nd the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and the Pittsburgh Foundation will be holding the Arts Day Of Giving from 6AM until midnight. During this time, you can visit pittsburghgives.org and make a donation to various local arts organizations which will be partially matched by the Heinz Endowments. 

Below is a little PSA from our fair mayor about the Arts Day of Giving and why you should participate!

This year, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council created the Unleashed! Artists Fund in which five members of GPAC were randomly selected to receive donations directly. The AP Collection had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with this year's recipients in order to learn a little more about them before ArtsDOG takes place. Jennifer Saffron from GPAC introduces the concept behind the Unleashed! Artists Fund along with some history of ArtDOG. Then, each artist sat down with Genevieve to tell their story, their personal art history and their plans for the imminent funding. Even though the conversations last between 10 and 20 minutes, their passion, creativity, and knowledge are immediately apparent.

Once you've listened to the conversations, get to know each artist better by visiting their profile on the Pittsburgh Artist Registry and visiting their website. You can help fund their work directly by donating to the Unleashed! Artists Fund on October 2nd from 6 AM to Midnight during GPAC's Arts Day Of Giving.

This Year's Five Artists

This episode is sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

This episode is sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council