Steel City Secret Cinema

Colin Matthews, founder of Steel City Secret Cinema, stops by along with artist Seth Storck to give us vital information about the fifth edition of SCSC "Toon Time" In addition to shedding some light on all of the work that goes into an event such as this, Genevieve, Colin, and Seth jump into some discussion of films ranging from Caddyshack to Antichrist and back again.

The chat also runs through some of the financial side of the art world as well. From comparing printmaking and painting to the potential aphrodisiac qualities of collecting, you can hear multiple topics that go beyond the actual art making and more of the art market. 

Taking place at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont on October 17th, learn about this unique environment that combines art, drink, flicks, and food into one night for charity. 

Tickets go on sale next week! Starting Monday September 15th at 10 AM

— Tim Goodier

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