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Katie Heldstab // Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Warning: this conversation will make your mouth water.

Katie and Christa are the married couple behind Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches. Named in memory of their dog, Leona's is a local, small business that sells ice cream sandwiches created with homemade and local ingredients. "We don't put shit in our ice cream that is not real" says Katie, and while made from real dairy, the sandwiches are lactose free! Many of their recipes are sourced from a recipe book created for the couple by Katie's mother and father, but this creative duo comes up with flair combinations themselves. Both Christa and Katie have a head for business and a good taste for flavor combination.

In this chat, Katie talks about being married to her business partner, shares the history of Leona's, gives insight into what goes into making the sandwiches (from conception to production—but no trade secrets!), and looks into the future for what's to come for Leona's.

Warning number two: The end of this chat gets a little controversial! Katie is a Midwesterner and Genevieve is from the East Coast, and they discuss why Pittsburgh definitely belongs to neither but instead, to its own beautiful thing. 

You can find Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches in local stores such as Zeke's Coffee and 52nd Street Market. Find the whole list and learn more about them at their website linked below!

–Jennifer Huang

Katie Heldstab on the Internet