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Charles Godart // Fashion & Entertainment Journalist

After connecting with Charles on Instagram, (thanks again Matt Gondek), we arranged to meet in Larchmont Heights, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, at 9AM on a Saturday. He was getting a trim at his usual spot, the Larchmont Barber Shop—describing it as, "...just like Cercone's in Bloomfield." This wasn't an embellishment. The most noticeable difference was the Dodger's pendants decorating the walls where the Pirates' would normally hang.

He was also on point by describing Larchmont Heights as a larger version of Shadyside in Pittsburgh. For some reason though, Shadyside stands out in Pittsburgh, (an awkwardly posh neighborhood littered with trendy cocktail bars and a varied offering of expensive restaurants), whereas LH makes sense when you think of a Los Angeles neighborhood. Expensive restaurants, check! Specifically themed boutique stores, check! Farmer's market featuring gluten free vegan baked goods, check! This is where relatively comfortable Angelino's get bagels and hang out with their kids on the weekends. It's nice! Sidenote: While we chatted I swear to god I spotted Andy Buckley from the (American) Office... I digress. 

Easily, we fell into conversation about Charles' site, his Youtube Channel, and his goal to share with the dudes of this world what they should be excited to wear. I learn the most from chats with people in fields which I have little to no experience. Honestly, Charles Godart and I are diametrical opposites when it comes to our interests, yet we bonded effortlessly over the work ethic required to get noticed in your field. Specifically when we discussed dealing with road blocks, I could relate to his perspective and appreciated his focus, adaptability, and professionalism. He also gave me some good advice about using the public transit system in LA for which I'm forever grateful. 

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