2014 in Review

Taken by my father Bryan Barbee at Jockey's Ridge North Carolina on December 28th, 2014.

Taken by my father Bryan Barbee at Jockey's Ridge North Carolina on December 28th, 2014.

Still in winter hibernation, I've delayed the 2014 recap until this weekend. Instead, I've been focusing more on 2015 and the proposals, artist statements, documentation of past work, and plans for new projects that are all required efforts of artists in order to (hopefully) have a chance at a future in the art world. I have the distinct honor of being an artist in residence at Most Wanted Fine Art, so it's going to be a busy wonderful year.

It is often said that you are only as good as your last project—which is true—however, it's also important to review your past in order to clarify your future. I think of everything I've accomplished, both on the Internet and off, as a continual under-painting for what lies ahead. 

In 2014, I laid the ground work for supporting The AP Collection online. The "virtual tip jar," where you can use Paypal to send funds to support the site and its future efforts, will still be active (see instructions on the right side of the site or the main page if you're using a mobile phone/tablet). But tonight, The AP Collection's official online store goes live. The first (and currently only item) is to purchase increments of support for the site from $5 up to $500. Art for purchase from myself, Tim Goodier, and others will be rolling out as 2015 moves along.

When you purchase something in the store, there is an option to sign up for The AP Collection after Dark, an online newsletter which has yet to be fully fleshed out but will be delivered once every two months and feature early access to new chats and updates about exclusive events (ooo fancy!). 

This past year I had a few opportunities to display paintings (see the new resume tab for a listing) and several opportunities to share with others what tAPC is all about (see the press tab for those). 2015 will definitely include more. There's also a new logo, and a commitment from me to be better about using ello.  Follow @theapcollection on Instagram for updates on paintings—including a collaboration with Tim Goodier and a series featuring Pittsburghers I know re-interpreted as fairytale and folklore characters. A personal goal of mine is to be a faster painter in general (not a resolution, mind you, an actual personal goal), so Instagram will be the best way to track my progress.

On a personal note, my father's health is improving and I appreciate all the kind notes from people. (hugs)

New logo for The AP Collection!

New logo for The AP Collection!

These are enough updates for now. There are more, but I would like to get to the chats I picked. Each person has moved onward and upward since recording our chat (even the December ones). Click on the pictures below and listen to our conversations.

Enjoy the one sentence updates and links I've included here. I certainly can't take credit for anyone's success but I can say that it has been an honor to bear witness to it.

Those not listed here are no less brilliant, amazing, or successfulI just can't re-list a whole year's worth of chats. You gotta dig through yourself!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

hearts & stars,

-Genevieve Barbee