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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Terence Wiggins // Podcaster, Beatific Nerd

Unlike many people in this world, I have found it more challenging to meet new people online as opposed to in person. For reasons that escape me, I am struck with more panic when initiating conversation with someone when I can't look at them and read their face and body language. Terence Wiggins is the only person where this hasn't been the case.

While back in Hampton Roads Virginia for the holidays, David (my romantic partner) and I drove out to the part of Norfolk that I continually confuse for Virginia Beach and knocked on the door of a tidy house tucked away off of busy Military Highway. Having never laid eyes on him in my life I thought I would be a bit more nervous. 

However that's not the case with Terence. Maybe because he was technically David's friend first or because he's so easy going, I forgot to be nervous. Within minutes we were all relaxing and chatting the afternoon away. David joins us during this chat—unable to contain his excitement to connect. We casually wander through Terrnce's background, how insular growing up in Hampton Roads can feel, (even when it's arguably far more diverse than Pittsburgh), his podcast "Whatever We Call It," and his upcoming project [FILL IN HERE]. 

Do youself a favor and follow Terence using the links below. Not just for the cool projects he's working on but because he also likes to post pictures of super cute dogs to Twitter and how can you not love that? 

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