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The Lampshades // Musicians

The chemistry of close friends is always a pleasure to behold and The Lampshades have it in spades. They are charming and banter with outsiders like myself with ease, but have a language all their own. Even though their ages span between mid- to late-twenties they've been creating music together for about ten years now—including the production of a record while they each lived in different states. In this chat they go into their history, how they all wound up in Pittsburgh, and how they once got paid in beer that they never drank.

My mic arm is in the trunk of a car parked about 15 miles from my house so I held the mic myself for this and a few other conversations recorded this past week. This chat is raw, casual, and a shit ton of fun. The guys where game to just curl up with me on the floor and chit-chat about anything and everything while Decima the cat crawled around us, interjecting with meows. 

Afterwards, they supplied me with their album (recorded right across the river in Etna, PA) and they even played a few songs off it acoustically. It was the perfect way to end a chilly winter night. Check them out at Sonny's Tavern on Saturday, January 10th and around Pittsburgh!

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