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Baron Batch // Artist

Talk to Baron Batch for even five minutes and you will know why he's passionate about his work. Visit Studio A.M. in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Homestead and you can see passion and talent in every corner. The AP Collection was invited to Studio A.M. to sit down and chat with Baron to talk all things art. He made it clear that there is no way to establish yourself in the field without hard work, and stepping inside his space is a sterling example of everything that he and the rest of the Studio A.M. crew have built. 

From drawing in dirt as a kid, to forging his own exploration through different mediums and materials, Baron describes his history with the creative process and how it allows him to place his own thumbprint on the world today.

In his chat with Genevieve, Baron stresses the importance of owning your individual process. Repeating his techniques over and over again gives Baron control of every tool at his disposal and allows him to bring clarity to his work. Making art and living up to the brand he has created with Studio A.M. gives him an accountability that he thrives on. 

–Tim Goodier

Baron on the Internet