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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Kate Daly // Project Manager

Kate Daly and I have had a long distance Twitter love affair for at least a year at this point. Connecting on local issues and nerding out about cute internet things, we quickly bonded. She has even connected me with people to chat with for The AP Collection. We’ve been planning on hanging out and chatting for a while but life and more life got in the way. Thankfully, she was willing to trek out to my place on a very frigid Sunday to talk about her different roles as a mother, a web developer, and now project management.

We get into everything. First, we touch on making the decision to become a mother. Then on to her professional life, starting at a local non-profit and learning web design, which has opened up new doors to bigger opportunities. Finally, her philosophy on being a good project manager and how they can be essential to a productive and solvent team. In-between all this, she also found time to play bass in a few local bands!

I just want to hang out with her more… my love for Kate grows by the day!

Kate Daly on the Internet