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Val Head & G. Jason Head // Web Design Day, Refresh Pittsburgh

Before scheduling this chat I'd always had an interest in learning more about web design and development but admittedly didn't know the difference between the two and felt entirely intimidated by the subject. A few days before my chat with Val and Jason took place, I decided that being scared of such things was completely ridiculous. In order to bring a new project to life, I needed to build a custom website with Wordpress. After talking with my dear friend Anastasia Lanz, (a self-taught developer), I firmed up plans to not only learn more web development but to expand beyond my basic needs and actually get good at it. Easier said than done but a plan, regardless.

My hope in sharing this information is to explain my line of questioning and real enthusiasm when talking to Val and Jason. Not that I really need a reason... they are not only super smart but incredibly delightful with which to shoot the shit! I hope to obtain a fraction of their knowledge during my professional journey. 

Enjoy this chat, come to Web Design Day, meet up at a Refresh Pittsburgh event!

Val and G. Jason Head on the Internet

This chat post wins the award for most links. :)