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Joe Mruk // Illustrator

Joe Mruk is a freelance illustrator and artist, who has travelled to the desert and back and has long since stayed in Pittsburgh to work on commissions and other projects of the like. Although not always a steady road towards success, Joe Mruk has dedicated himself to his work and passion since the beginning. From hand-drawing to woodworking, Joe Mruk has a plethora of skills, which he gives generously. He explains in-depth his own process of making and rendering such beautiful works, so if you're looking for tips, listen closely. In the future, Joe has some really great things coming up – including a children's book and, more in the near-future, a show at the Mr. Roboto Project.

You can see more of his work in the pictures below and his website, also listed below. And be sure to check out his show, "Volksbeast," at the Mr. Roboto Project on May 1 at 7 PM, where he will be showing and selling old and new works.

– Jennifer Huang

Joe Mruk on the Internet

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