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Kristin Ward // Bellydancer, Fire Eater, Performer

Kristin Ward started bellydancing shortly after she moved to Pittsburgh in 2000. She has performed and taught this practice ever since, her venues ranging from weddings, corporate functions, to festivals. Her love of bellydancing comes from the understanding and honoring of this Middle Eastern cultural practice, as well as her passion for dancing as a way to perform and tell a story. 

Kristin's humble beginnings in bellydancing started with lessons at Alloy Dance and performances at Sphinx back when it was still in Southside. She gives an informative breakdown of the dance's history, the bellydancing community in Pittsburgh, and locations where people can learn how to bellydance in Pittsburgh. Not only a bellydancer, Kristin also eats fire! She bravely decided to take on this practice and learned right behind her apartment building on Baum Boulevard. If you've always wondered how fire eaters do what they do, Kristin gives a little insight on this dangerous and exciting feat.

Genevieve and Kristin touch upon a number of topics in between, discussing controversies such as cultural appropriation, safety, what belly dancing is and is not – "it's exotic but not exotic dancing" – as well as some more mild topics such as travel and social media. Even Marcel Walker, former guest on tAPC, joins in for a bit!

– Jennifer Huang

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