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Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Exchange // Alex turns the tables on Genevieve

I went into my interview with Genevieve armed with twenty-five rehearsed questions and a preconception on how I wanted the chat to go. Alas, my plan was laid to waste almost immediately. I intended our talk to be a genial discourse on what “art” is, along with discussing its current standing in our macro- and micro-societies. 

What I got was an avalanche of fiery, passionate responses from a fiery, passionate artist who thinks that if you want more art in your life, then you should f*ckin’ get off your ass and make it happen already!

Being a long time the AP Collection listener, you would have thought that I’d have known better than to expect a formulaic interview. Despite not turning out how I had planned, this chat actually totally accomplishes the goal of the Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event of which led to its existence. 

The ideal behind the swap is to have two creative people blend up their POV’s to produce something fresh and vibrant. I believe that’s exactly what we achieved.

My Yinzer-lilt, general cluelessness and sophomoric wit combined with Genevieve’s artistic fervor, polarizing critique and educational insight to make quite possibly the best podcast ever n’at. 

Please enjoy this chat and don’t forget to check out all of the participants in this year’s Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event starting with Genevieve’s work here (insert Lucy Quin link). Later dudes!!! 

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Editorial note: Thank you for "Acoustic Breeze"—the music under the introduction!

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