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Amos Levy // DJ, Teacher, Artist

I got a message form Amos a few weeks ago asking if I could troubleshoot submitting an RSS feed to iTunes. He came by my place and I gladly tried to help out, but regardless of our success (or lack there of) that day it was nice to just catch up. We attended Carnegie Mellon University together from 2003 until 2007, studying painting, drawing, and printmaking in the Art department. Even then, Amos was involved with spinning records and so after CMU he continued on in the local music scene and began teaching.

We both stuck around Pittsburgh after graduation, but this is the first time we've sat down and talked in probably eight years. I admire his love for teaching and his work aimed to build programs in places that struggle to find entertaining and educational activities that connect with young people (see below the link to the Community Mixedtapes made in a local women's shelter).

We also get into the topic of hegemony here, as well. As a white guy from Western Massachusetts, Amos has consistently evaluated his role in the art form he admires and the spaces that he brings it to in order to teach—staying mindful and respectful instead of appropriative.

This was a really interesting chat, so please enjoy and check out the links below.