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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Michael Johnson // Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Michael Johnson is Genevieve's neighbor in Lawrenceville, who lives just a handful of doors down. They met at the Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden in the Allegheny Cemetery and have been friends since. Michael has worked at the Cemetery Garden for three years and has seen it grow and expand to double its size. Soon, harvest from this expanded space will be put aside for distribution at the McCandless Street Community Garden. 

Along with Michael's work at the community garden, he is also the Volunteer Program Coordinator at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in Duquesne, where they are always reevaluating and finding new ways to help people meet their needs. They are implementing new developments, such as providing fresh produce in the pantries and curating a safe space for those who come to the food bank to talk about more than just the food that they need.

Michael and Genevieve touch upon many topics. From living in Lawrenceville to Philly to Pittsburgh's topography to the important work that is being done at GPCFB and the neighborhood community gardens—you are sure to learn a thing or two. Also, Michael likes to talk about important topics while playing video games in a new vlog-type series on his YouTube. To view his YouTube channel and other links, click below!

– Jennifer Huang