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Deb Gross // Pittsburgh Councilwoman, District 7

Today, we have something a little bit different from the usual chat with creatives. This is our first with someone who is a part of the local government – Councilwoman Deb Gross! If you live in District 7, you've probably heard of her, and if you live in the Pittsburgh area... well, you've probably heard of her. 

Deb Gross grew up in a few parts of Pittsburgh, but mainly the South Hills. As a part of her colorful experience, she has spent the last 15 years in Pittsburgh working with many community groups and stakeholders in the neighborhood to tackle revitalization issues. As she puts it, right now, the District's goal is to make the process easier for those who want to implement projects and make things happen in the city.

Over the years, Pittsburgh has been growing more and more popular, with big magazines and newspapers dubbing it as "most livable" and "affordable." Along with this popularity, comes the marginalization of groups that have been here for much longer, groups that are the foundation of the culture and history of Pittsburgh. We talk to Deb about ways to include these groups and to get people more engaged in the community. The only way is through talking and listening, and this point is made very clear in this chat.

Deb Gross on the Internet

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