Journal Entry 01

This is the first of a series of journal entries. 

In 2015, I've decided to pursue two projects spawned from the work I've done on The AP Collection. Finder Quigley, a series of private, invitation only art shows featuring artists interviewed for this website and That's What You're Good At, a brand new website using micro-podcasting and my own skills as a portrait artist to digitally map the talents of Pittsburghers.

While focusing on these endeavors, I have less time to put together the regular podcast. I'd like to continue to juggle it all so I've reduced the number of regular episodes to twice a month. However, I want to share the process of this work with others. The past six months have been kind of lonely. Planning and pursuing things has taken a lot of time and it hasn't been super public so the website doesn't appear as active. 

I've decided to document the work in a series of recorded journal entries. These will either be incredibly boring to you—or an interesting peek into my process. 

Why is process so important?

It's the backbone of everything I do. The interviews collected on this site, the galleries of my own work, the projects I have put together—all of them started because I wanted to learn. I learn best by telling other people. This is me both learning and teaching. 

I hope you enjoy the look into my process. I hope you share your thoughts with me. I hope to see you around the internet.