Journal Entry 03

So, I just finished up a live version of That's What You're Good At. My goal was to see if I could interview and create pieces for the site in one space in the span of a few hours. Once this is perfected, I want to take the project on the road to different spaces in the city of Pittsburgh and maybe even beyond...

I have to thank Assemble for letting me hang out late on a Tuesday night and Cafe con Leche for letting be try this out during their take over of Assemble's space for a month.

What I Learned

I need a wrangler: I can't greet people and conduct the project at the same time. In the future I will have to have someone take care of getting guests up to speed on what's happening and prepped to participate, (this includes signing that damn waiver I keep forgetting)

I can draw like a sketch artist: I've never had someone describe to me an object to draw until today. It was such a simple thing but really the most amazing activity. Try this.

Kinetic talents are not easy to illustrate with a live model: I have drawn a lot of live models but if they are dancing... well it's not going to work. I still had to take some reference photos to work from.

I must have different types of surfaces prepped: It's totally possible to switch between drawing in pencil, sketching in india ink, and moving to oil. I just need all the surfaces ready to go. In the past I was just starting the sketch and taking it back the studio. This delays the creation and posting of the pieces which is frustrating, (I wanna get these baby birds outta the nest)!