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Jeremy Michael Cohen // Filmmaker, "Yinz"

Jeremy is a Los Angeles filmmaker, who grew up in New Castle, a small town just an hour north of Pittsburgh. After college, Jeremy moved out west to go to film school at University of South California. In early 2016, he is finally coming back to Pittsburgh (specifically, New Castle) to film his first self-directed film, Yinz, which is about growing up in Western Pennsylvania.

While telling the story of his upbringing, Jeremy shares how New Castle has inspired him to write this film after eight years of work in Los Angeles. His vision of the film is clear and deeply rooted in the mood of small town New Castle and the Rust Belt. His passion for film clearly comes through his explanation of the creative, conceptual, and technical sides of movie-making, giving a behind the scenes look from the editing room to the gritty film locations.

Learn more about and support Jeremy's upcoming movie, Yinz, by checking out the Kickstarter page, which just started in the beginning of August!

– Jennifer

Photo taken from Yinz Kickstarter campaign video.

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