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Chris Williams // Multi-Maker and Artist

Picture taken from the   "Ghost Pier"   project.

Picture taken from the "Ghost Pier" project.

Chris Williams is an artist from New York. He also dubs himself a multi-maker, which he defines as a combination of being multifaceted and a maker. He has a background in biology, and a lot of his work includes themes of the cycle of life and environment. 

Chris Williams talks about his time in Texas, working for a woman who used robotics to save lives after the tsunami in Fukushima, as well as the time he spent in Turkey, which included being in the midst of protest. In Pittsburgh, he has worked on a wooden audio game for the visually impaired ("Coral"); an installation that mimics a pier and uses light patterns to interact with the environment ("Ghost Pier"); and a simulation of listening to an 8-9 hour brass music performance in Turkey ("Pittonkatonk"). He also engages in a conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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