Jury for Finder Quigley

Finder Quigley is a quarterly art exhibition held in a nondescript location in Pittsburgh with a limited guest list. The goal is to develop a low-key (not totally secret) society of people who love art and want to connect with people who make it in an intimate setting. Artists are there to talk with guests about their work, answer questions about pieces, and everyone learns something from one another. At the first Finder Quigley in June 2015, the AP Collection put together a successful event on a shoe-string budget with a lot of help. Eight-five percent of people who showed up purchased something. More info here.

We want to create a different kind of exhibition each time we do this. When we started this process, the goal was to create a fun event where people who'd chatted for the podcast could come work together and throw a cool party. This next event has an open call for art within a 50 mile radius of the City of Pittsburgh. We want to meet new friends and work together to connect with art enthusiasts in the region—building interest in regular purchases of artwork.

In the spirit of working with people we love to keep doing things we enjoy, two artists who have exhibited in the first FQ show make up the jury to help us put together the latest event. They were the first people who came to mind when thinking about a jury. Both are extremely talented artist an prodigious dreamers in their own right, they get what we are trying to do, and are passionate about art in this region. Learn a little bit about them and think about applying for the next show!

Jurors for the Second Finder Quigley Show

Naomi Walker

Naomi Walker is a visual artist creating in Pittsburgh. Her interests lie in producing work that viewers and collectors find both exciting yet peaceful—exuding the love she gives and is given. Currently, Naomi is raising funds at Dream Cream Ice Cream to purchase her childhood home and transform it into studio spaces. #BirthdayBash

@namoibdaygirl on Instagram

Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong is an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator living in Cleveland, Ohio. He is originally from Pittsburgh, having lived there for 20 years. Since his first solo exhibition in 2011 at Image Box, Jordan has showcased his artwork many times throughout the city. He is most known for his illustrative style, quirky sense of humor and optimistic themes.

@wongface on Instagram