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Travis Mitzel // Visual Artist

Photo taken by   Travis Mitzel  , part of his "As Best I Can Remember" series.

Photo taken by Travis Mitzel, part of his "As Best I Can Remember" series.

Travis Mitzel is a Pittsburgh-born and raised artist. His body of work focuses on sculpture and photography, using these mediums to tackle and explore different topics. From creating styrofoam-replicas of unknown people by memory to leaving plastic on plants in a futile effort towards conservation, Travis' work incorporates dark humor and absurdity. Through his work, he is able to shed an intriguing and unique perspective on the strangeness and ironies of the world.

In July, he had his first solo show, "As Best I Can Remember," at 707 Gallery. He gives us details on his views of the Pittsburgh art scene and openly tells us about his experience in being a local artist. 

For more on his works and what he is up to, visit the links below!

Travis on the Internet

Photos taken from Travis Mitzel's website, from the series, "As Best I Can Remember" and "Conservation."

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