Journal 08 // Results, good news, and more lessons

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General updates in order of when they popped into my brain:

Great news!

The Society of Illustrators accepted me as a full member! Go to to see where my portfolio will be posted and check out some >amazing< local talent. 

Patreon Update

I'm shooting my video (hopefully) this weekend while I'm in DC for The National Book FestivalPatreon is like a Kickstarter crowd funding thing but instead of a one time donation it's a regular pledge, (I'm setting my scale from $1 to $500 per month). Patrons recieve rewards from shout outs on the podcast, to a monthly care package cool stuff I print pictures on. Be on the look out for the patreon launch later in September. Note: This isn't taking the place of just sending money through the website. If people want to do that they can—this just creates a more sustainable environment for me to create in. This is also not a fee for listening to the podcast. It is a way of trying to make my art practice as a while more sustainable. 

Time Budget

Recently I talked about writing down and keeping track of how I use my time and it has been a real game changer! Since keeping a simple list of what I'm doing each day has allowed me to better prioritize things and stress a lot less—focusing on the task at hand.

Drawin' Y'all!

Speaking of which, I've been doing A LOT OF ILLUSTRATIONS and it's pretty fucking wonderful. (Most of my free time is spent drawing and that's what I really love and all I really want to be doing you guys!) It's not just straight forward commisions (that I enjoy doing very much) either. Friends and past guests of the AP Collection, IDK Magazine had me illustrate their whole issue and >>it got a little conceptual<<. It's one of the few times I am reminded that my expensive education might have been worth it after all.

If you want me to make something for you hit me up!

Getting' Paid!

Paid promotional podcasting is already off to a great start! The Greater Pittsburgh Art's Council has me coming to cover an event next week so be on the look out for that. (Rate: $25 an hour with a minimum of a 2 hour commitment.)

Finder Quigley and TWYGA

The call for art for Finder Quigley ends on Tuesday September 8th! There's still time to submit so DO IT! Tickets for the October 15th event will go on sale after September 12th so be on the look out.

That's What You're Good At is up and running and awesome. Everyday a new post is up on the page so stay tuned for yours if you don't see it right away. Buy prints here! (there's a discount if you are in the project)

With all this change I haven't updated the site—it's coming. The winter will bring new things for your eye balls at In the meantime, ask questions and keep in touch!