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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Bill Peduto // Mayor of Pittsburgh!

Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto graciously gave us an hour of his time. We sat down in his conference room to chat about what he does and the creative thinking it takes to do it. He talks briefly about his past—his upbringing, the early years as a Chief of Staff to Dan Cohen, and his years as City Councilman. This thoughtful interview captures what it takes to stick it out when things get tough.

Pittsburgh has a rich history, which Peduto knows a good deal about. He talks about the city's past and uses this history as a way to envision the city's future without hindering its growth. Peduto also mentions ways in which he tries to get Pittsburghers to engage in local government. From Mayor's Night Out (going out to talk to people) to Mayor's Night In (having people go and talk to him), these programs allow the chance for any and every voice to be heard.

Pittsburgh is currently at a crossroads and the next few years will determine what the future will look like for generations to come. Check out P4 Pittsburgh—to learn about how innovation and inclusion will build a sustainable future for Pittsburgh.

Bill Peduto on the Internet

Genevieve also asked the mayor to participate in That's What You're Good At. She created an illustration based on Mayor Peduto's answer to the question, "What are you good at?"

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