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Jordon Milchak // Curator On The Skids Studios & Gallery

Jordon Milchak is the creator and curator of On The Skids Studios & Gallery in Allentown. He's lived in Allentown for the past 11 years and has seen the town grow. Before that, Jordon owned a bike shop up in Mt. Washington, but stopped because life happened and he enjoyed riding bikes (BMX!) more than he liked fixing and selling them. There's some good bike chat/debate in this chat.

With On The Skids, Jordon's goal was to create a brand through the gallery. It's a little bit of everything – they screen print for other people, the space is open as a gallery with four shows a year, and On The Skids is its own brand with shirts, prints, and much more. He hopes that his gallery will be a place where he can showcase the success of others, and he dives into some talk about the Pittsburgh art scene as well as what it means to be an artist.

The next On The Skids show is called THE HUNT, featuring works by Abby Diamond and Sean Coxen. The show's opening is on October 17th from 7PM-1PM at the On The Skids Gallery (419 Warrington Avenue).

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