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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Jamie Patten // Owner of Allegheny Wine Mixer

Jamie Patten and I talk film, wine, and Pittsburgh in her beautiful win bar.

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Part of what makes interviewing people in my community so fascinating is uncovering the stories and past lives within the person on the other side of the microphone. It's a little perk of the gig to hear more about a person than just the, small party chitchat you get from most encounters. 

Jamie Patten is the quiet and level headed creative force behind Allegheny Wine Mixer in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville. Before building this successful business though she's lived a few different lives across the country.  One thing we discuss in particular is her career in film and upon further research I found that  she's got an IMDB page! In the late 80's Jamie worked as an art department assistant / assistant props master on a few films produced by the guys at Fangoriaone of which (Mindwarp 1992) stared Bruce Campbell! IMDB fails to mention the third film, Severed Ties because the internet is lazy. 

I hope you enjoy my chat with Jamie. We talk about wine, learning what works best might not be what people expect, and what's coming down the line for AWM!

Jamie / AWM on the Internet